100 Housing Units

In 2022, the EVHA (Entitat Valenciana d’Habitatgei sol) put out to tender 1,090 social rental homes under the motto “Sustainable Llars”. Three of the seventeen chosen locations are in the La Torre sector, in the city of Valencia. The proposal, winner of the competition, divides the three towers into two volumes. A 6-story plinth and a slimmer 15-story upper tower. In this way, two relationships are generated: the plinth responds to the more contained scale of the nearby buildings, while the tower is related to the scale of the riverbed.

The volumes include differentiated programs, the lower one with the commercial and services ground floor plus 1 and 2-bedroom homes and the upper one with 3-bedroom homes plus the social and infrastructure roof. The project proposes mixing homes with spaces for socialization, which will create a network open to the inhabitants of the other buildings promoted in this competition by the same manager. Accessible spaces are designed for dialogue between various disciplines, genders, ages and cultures that create a culture of exchange, innovation and mutual care between the inhabitants of the community and the neighborhood.

The project is proposed as an industrialized modular system using modular steel frame elements such as bathrooms or facades, which will speed up the construction process to respond to the short execution deadlines proposed.

The project’s energy strategy focuses on maximizing the use of environmental resources passively (sunlight, ventilation and inertia), incorporating maximum energy efficiency systems and promoting the generation of green energy, obtaining a substantial reduction in energy consumption. throughout the year. All homes have a large terrace-viewpoint that acts as a natural climate control system, generating an intermediate space, an adjustable filter through folding windows and blinds that allow controlling the shade of the space when it is open.

Project Name

100 Housing Units


Competition 1st prize




Valencia, Spain






9914,40 m2




Vicente Guallart
Daniel Ibáñez
Marc Bielsa
Elisabet Fabrega


Urbania +Visoren


SOCOTEC (Engineering)
Miguel Nevado (Structures)
Firas Safieddine