61 Housing Units

In 2022, the EVHA (Entitat Valenciana d’Habitatge i sol) put out to tender 1,090 social rental homes under the motto “Sustainable Llars”. Two of the seventeen chosen locations are in the Santa Ana Sector, in the city of Gandía, a new vibrant urban area located between the mountain and a ravine, dense with buildings.

The volumetric proposal takes the typology of a closed block with four heights. It has a large central patio for access and social relations to which the perimeter galleries that concentrate circulation and access to homes open. The ground floor is raised one meter above ground level to allow natural lighting and ventilation of the parking lot and protect the visual privacy of the ground floor homes. The closed residential block typology defines a modular, efficient and flexible system. The homes are organized in spaces that allow them to be connected at will and are capable of hosting multiple uses and creating units with different numbers of rooms, making it possible to change the program throughout the useful life of the building according to the needs of its inhabitants.

The project’s energy strategy focuses on maximizing the use of environmental resources passively (sunlight, ventilation and inertia), incorporating maximum energy efficiency systems and promoting the generation of green energy, obtaining a substantial reduction in energy consumption. throughout the year. Given that the floor plan organization responds to a typology of a closed residential block, all the homes will have a double orientation so that there can be cross ventilation inside the home. Likewise, all the homes incorporate a glazed gallery that can be closed in winter and opened in summer, so that it works as a passive energy regulator, using the interior walls and the pavement as an inertia accumulator.

The project is proposed as an industrialized modular system using modular steel frame elements such as bathrooms or facades, which will speed up the construction process to respond to the short execution deadlines proposed.

Project Name

61 Housing Units


Competition 1st prize




Gandía, Spain






4650 m2




Vicente Guallart
Daniel Ibáñez
Jesus Mora
Marc Bielsa
Elisabet Fabrega


Urbania +Visoren


SOCOTEC (Engineering)
Miguel Nevado (Structures)
Firas Safieddine