Xiaminhu District

RootBoot merges the structure of the traditional banyan tree with aerial roots of adventitious growth, with the concept of the Boot, or small application of blocks that is the origin of any computational process. It is a process that begins an Open Chain of Urban Blocks that aims to redefine the idea of urbanity in Shenzhen and in the world. We use RootBoot theory to identify the rooting components of the entire project that can eventually become a vibrant new urban district and identify how to initiate (boot) the rooting components, which form the smart start-up model/process for a future urban district. It also reflects the urban development model fundamental to building an Eco Civilization based on the cultural idea on which Shenzhen was created: grow fast, be brave and invent the future. Our project is developed at the meeting point of the confluence of the most important economic axis of the city (East – West) and the new ecological corridor that connects the mountains with the sea (North – South). The meeting place will be the founding place of this new district and will materialize with a central plaza containing pixelated buildings for culture and new technologies. A mountain-building will literally build this crossing point between Urbanity and Nature and will contain the new conference center and a hotel. The new district is designed on a human scale. It will be possible to walk and live at low speed while people will be connected to the city and the world through information networks. The central avenue and the perpendicular streets are places intended for commerce, walking and events so that the street will be a place of meeting and social interaction.

Project Name

Xiaminhu District


Competition 1st prize




Shenzen, China


Housing, landscape




500.000 m2


Shenzen municipality


Vicente Guallart
Honorata Grzesikowska
Elisabet Fabrega
León Guallart (video and music)
Firas Safieddine
Marziah Zad
Yang Lei